Partner with us! Cornerstone Christian Academy is always looking to partner with families who are committed to Jesus Christ. We want to come alongside parents to educate and disciple the hearts and minds of our students. Cornerstone equips students, from preschoolers to teens, with a challenging curriculum from a Biblical worldview, in an environment centered around the Gospel.

Admissions Criteria

  • The family’s commitment to a personal walk with Jesus Christ, church attendance, and Christian education.
  • The student’s academic and behavioral record.
  • A former principal’s reference.
  • The student’s scores on standardized tests and entrance exam.
  • For high school applicants, the student’s desire to attend Cornerstone Christian Academy.
  • The family’s and student’s responses to questions during the admissions interview.

Admissions Timeline

Cornerstone Christian Academy’s enrollment is always open; we are always seeking to bring more partners into our ministry of Christian education.

Typically, the admissions process roughly follows this process:

Fall Semester:

  • Tour Cornerstone
  • Schedule a shadow day for your student
  • Meet with Admissions Director to discuss Cornerstone's missions and opportunities for your student
  • Read the Student-Parent Handbook to determine if Cornerstone is truly a fit for your family.

Spring Semester:

  • January: Apply online
  • February: Complete the admissions test and family interview
  • March: Receive your admissions decision and apply for financial aid
  • April: Receive financial aid package and make your enrollment decision

Visit CCA

Experience what it’s like to be a Cornerstone Patriot! Spend the day at Cornerstone, meet our energetic students and passionate teachers, and participate in our thought-provoking classes. It’s the best way to get to know who we are.

To schedule a tour or a visit day, fill out the form below, or contact the Admissions Director: Kate O’Brien,, 440-943-9260.

  • School Tours: Our Admissions Director would be please to take you on a personal tour of our beautiful campus. The tour typically lasts about 30 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • Visit Days: Potential students are always invited to spend the day with us. A visit day can be scheduled based around your family and school schedule.
    • Visit Day Guidelines
      • Arrive at 7:45 a.m., meet the Admissions Director at our school office where you will be introduced to your host student. School begins at 8 a.m.
      • Wear dress pants or skirt, dress shoes, and a collared shirt.
      • Bring a lunch.
      • End of school pick up time: 3 p.m. in the school office.


Re-enrollment begins January 4, 2016. Click here to re-enroll your student(s), and pay the application fee, all online.


A Christian education for your child may be much more possible than you think. At Cornerstone, we are committed to making a Biblical worldview education possible for as many families as we can, with our financial aid process.

  • Cornerstone’s financial aid is a need-based gift, applied for annually.
  • All newly accepted or re-enrolled families are eligible to apply for financial aid; simply fill out the financial aid request form online after completing the enrollment process.
  • Aid can cover up to 50% of tuition cost.
  • Deadline to apply is April 1st for the upcoming school year.

TUITION 2016-2017
Half Day K4 $2,785
Full Day K4 $4,185
Half Day K5 $3,185
Elementary School K5 – 5th $4,821
Middle School 6th – 8th $6,377
High School 9th – 12th $6,873

FEES Elementary (K–5) Middle School High School
Early Re-enrollment (Jan – Feb) $50 $80 $110
Re-enrollment (March – April) $75 $105 $135
Late Re-enrollment (May – Aug) $100 $130 $160
Application $75 $105 $135
Entrance Testing $45 $55 $65
Student Activity Fee $45 $95 $125
Book & Supply Fee Waived Waived Waived
Technology Fee $25 $60 $60
Per Sport Participation $45 $95 $125


Sports fees are due within the 1st two weeks of practice for each sport, as applicable. Athletes cannot participate in games until their sports fees are paid.

Eighth grade students pay $115 fee to offset the expense of their Washington D.C. trip (due 2nd quarter).

Ninth grade students pay $115 fee to offset the expense of their Creation Museum trip (due 3rd quarter).

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be available. Financial aid is a need-based gift, applied for annually, extended when possible, if qualified, and processed in order of necessity and applicancy. The maximum possibility for aid is 50% of tuition. There are no automatic discounts available for families with multiple students. However, families in need may qualify for financial aid.

Financial aid is tied to volunteer service hours.

Financial Policy

Annual financial obligation is prorated on a quarterly basis for early withdrawal or expulsion. All fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at time of enrollment/acceptance by CCA, unless otherwise specified. Any family contract cancelled by FACTS renders the balance of the FACTS contract plus any fees due and payable immediately to CCA. Any account that is delinquent will result in suspension of students until the account is brought up to date at the discretion of the administration.

A $30 service charge will be assessed for each returned check. A late fee of $20 will be assessed for accounts 1-30 days overdue, $45 for accounts 31-60 days overdue, and $65 for accounts 61-90 days overdue.

Payment Options

Option 1:

Payment of tuition in full by August 1, 2016.

Option 2:

Sixty percent (60%) payment of tuition by August 1, 2016, and remaining 40% payment of tuition to FACTS by January 5th or 20th, 2017.

Option 3:

Payment of tuition to FACTS utilizing the 11-month FACTS monthly tuition payment plan. Monthly tuition payments are due on either the 5th or 20th of each month, June through April by Electronic Funds Transfer. FACTS will assess a one-time service fee of $43.00 per account.