Student Chaplain: Each year the CCA Student Body elects a senior to serve as our Student Chaplain. The Student Chaplain leads prayer during chapel services, assists with the Bible Conference, and also encourages younger students who are learning to walk out their faith. 

Daily Devotions:
Middle and high school students begin their day with prayer and God’s Word in CCA’s daily devotion services. Teachers and other students share Biblical precepts and insights on a rotating basis during devotions. The goal is to help students put first things first, and make their relationship with God a daily priority. 

Chapel Services:
Christian leaders from many walks of life share wisdom from God’s Word during CCA’s weekly chapel services. From college presidents to pastors and missionaries, chapel speakers teach lessons designed to address the unique challenges students face. CCA’s Worship Team begins each chapel service with a time of praise and prayer, inviting students to focus on God’s love, mercy, and grace. 

Jr. Retreat: 
Each fall CCA’s junior class heads to Stony Glen Camp in Madison, OH for a spiritual retreat. This unique opportunity allows students a chance to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and their other classmates in a beautiful, natural setting. Each year a special speaker is enlisted to lead the retreat, and use the Bible to strengthen and equip our oldest students. 

Bible Conference:
Each spring, CCA hosts a Bible Conference. This week-long event features Biblical teaching from parents, pastors, missionaries, and CCA graduates, centered around a particular learning theme. Students attend sessions each day, and are invited to share what they have learned in a special chapel service on the last day of the conference. 

Lunchtime Bible Studies:
Many teachers host lunchtime Bible studies for middle school and high school students throughout the school year. These short-term opportunities allow students to dig deeper, while providing a safe place to explore concepts and ask questions. 

Christian Counseling: Students working through difficult circumstances are encouraged to seek help in CCA’s Student Counseling Office. Students learn how to apply Biblical precepts to all aspects of their lives, and walk in the hope of Jesus Christ.