College Resources for Students

All Grades:
  • take challenging classes
  • participate in CCA's extracurricular activities
  • find a service goal--begin volunteering on a regular basis
  • record all your sports, school, academic and community activities in a notebook
  • pursue your passions and find activities that reinforce them
9th Grade:
  • begin identifying academic interests and passions
  • volunteer
  • work diligently to get a good GPA foundation
  • visit colleges while on family vacations or activities
10th Grade:
  • get involved in school activities like sports, worship team, drama or yearbook
  • take advantage of leadership opportunities
  • serve others!  Record your service hours
  • begin studying for ACT/SAT exams; sign up for course or purchase a study guide
11th Grade:
  • take the PSAT (given at school)
  • visit colleges--make a list of 5 schools, set appointments with each one, visit and compare
  • take the ACT in the spring (given at school, funded by the State of Ohio)
  • work, serve, play and build your activities portfolio
  • work diligently on your schoolwork--this GPA counts!
12th Grade--Fall:
  • retake the ACT or SAT exams for best possible score
  • check out and track all admission deadlines; always allow two weeks for processing
  • search online for scholarship opportunities; put all college deadlines on a separate calendar
  • if a college choice is made, apply for early action or early decision admission
  • fill out transcript request forms and teacher recommendation forms as needed; always allow two weeks for processing
  • apply for scholarships
  • spend time on campuses, ask about overnight visits
  • organize papers, tax forms and documentation for the FAFSA
  • remain diligent with your school work!
12th Grade--Spring:
  • continue to retake ACT or SAT exams to boost financial aid
  • apply for scholarships
  • fill out all applications thoroughly; allow two weeks for processing
  • compare financial aid packages as they come in; accept one, and politely decline the others
  • send final transcripts as needed
  • remain diligent with your school work!
Websites to assist you:
General College Info/SAT & ACT Information:
OCIS (Ohio Career Information System)


  Admissions Application Checklist.pdf
  Transcript Request Form.pdf