About CCA

 Cornerstone Christian Academy was established in 1999. Our desire is to provide an excellent academic program which effectively equips young people to pursue additional education in a wide range of career fields. Our teachers and staff are dedicated professionals who seek to help young people see all of life through a biblical worldview. Cornerstone Christian Academy is chartered by the State of Ohio. 

 Cornerstone Christian Academy is a freestanding, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization. The Academy is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, led by the Board Chairman and the Academy Principals. Cornerstone Christian Academy is not a church, ministry of a church or governed by a church. Trustees are “guardians of trust,” as embodied within the Academy’s Institutional Values, Statement of Faith, and Constitutional Bylaws. 

 Cornerstone Christian Academy is fully state-chartered and accredited by the Ohio Department of Education to assist in providing quality education, benefits to families and students, and resources to staff members. The Academy meets and exceeds all educational state standards.

Take a look at how Cornerstone Christian Academy compares to other area private schools, in tuition cost, as published in the Cleveland Magazine.  See what a value a CCA education is!